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PanReac AppliChem offer fine chemicals, laboratory chemicals, contract synthesis and a unique service for colour, size, buffering, and ready-to-use solutions, sourcing of chemicals and more.

Vision: PanReac AppliChem was founded with the aim of supplying chemicals for chemical, biological, pharmaceutical and clinical research. It was also intended that AppliChem's products should be available worldwide. 

Experience: PanReac AppliChem’s chemists have had many years of in-depth experience and offer a sound partnership in helping to solve your problems in the lab. With you or for you - AppliChem want to develop new products. As well as flexibility, AppliChem assure you of strict confidentiality in all your projects. 

Assortment: PanReac AppliChem prepare and provide customers with chemicals and reagents including even those not listed in their current catalogues. When talking of "chemicals" in the widest sense of the word, AppliChem offer the service 'all products - one supplier'. 

Quality: Thanks to the PanReac AppliChem quality management system, with PanReac AppliChem as your supplier you gain a decisive advantage over your competitors. Their products will fulfil your expectations and your individual, particular requirements.
Due to the exact and constant quality and competitive prices, PanReac AppliChem is continuously gaining new customers. PanReac AppliChem’s quality control department provides detailed documentation on request.

ReAction No.1, Selected Life Sciences Products 2014.

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Lennox + PanReac AppliChem

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