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Decon Cleaning Agents

Decon90 :

The leading surface active cleaning agent/radioactive decontaminant, for laboratory, medical and industrial applications.

Neutracon :

A specialised surface active cleaning agent/decontaminant, for use on materials which may be corroded, etched, discoloured or weakened by acidic or alkaline cleaning agents.

Decomatic :

A liquid surface active cleaning agent, specially formulated for use in automatic glassware washing machines.

Dri-Decon :

A surface active cleaning agent, in granular form, for use in laboratory, medical and industrial automatic glassware washing machines.

Acidrinse : 

An acid rinse (neutraliser) and/or preliminary cleaner (prewash), for use in automatic glassware washing machines

Decon Autoclave Deodoriser Capsules : 

Gelatine capsules containing highly concentrated deodorising materials, for convenience, hygiene and practicality. Decon Autoclave Deodoriser Capsules are specially formulated to neutralise the pungent malodours which can occur when autoclaving equipment and instruments soiled with organic matter.

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