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With over 90 years of experience and know-how Hellma has become the leading supplier of precision cells made of glass and quartz worldwide.

With a wide selection of more than 1700 products you will be able to find cells and fibre-optical systems for every application and for any measurement and analysis instrument found on the market today.

Hellma Cuvettes(Cells) are manufactured from various types of glass. The most important criterion for the choice of a particular type of glass is the spectral range for which the cuvette is intended. Coloured logos are fused onto each Hellma Analytics cuvette, thus indicating the spectral range over which the cuvette can be used.

In general Hellma divide the glass materials that they use into two groups: quartz and optical glass.

Quartz consists exclusively of silicon dioxide (SiO2) and shows some remarkable properties:

Quartz displays a high UV transmission, in highly purified synthetic quartz down to well below 200 nm.

The thermal expansion of quartz is extremely low, its coefficient of thermal expansion being 6 x 10-7K-1 between 20 °C and 300 °C.

Quartz is chemically very resistant and maintains its shape, even at high temperatures up to approximately 1000 °C.



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