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Hulme Martin provide simple solutions for packaging requirements. Hulme Martin manufacture high quality heat sealing machines, bag sealers and heavy duty sealers in various forms and sizes.

With over 50 years experience of manufacturing Sealing machines Hulme Martin offer :


Impulse Sealers are simple to service with heater bar assemblies and rubber pressure pads that can simply be 'unplugged or press fitted to ensure and maintenance time is reduced to a minimum. Consumable spares are kept at a minimal cost to ensure customers do not have large ongoing bills to ensure their machine is in first class condition. the Hulme Martin constant heat crimp sealer is used throughout the world due to its ease of operation and reliability.

Hulme Martin bag sealers are manufactured from steel with a stoved hammer finish providing excellent durability. Dual electronic timers ensure reliable sealing and ease of use.


Hulme Martin's Impulse Sealers are used in thousands of packaging requirements.

Impulse sealers and are used by Banks for security packing of notes and coinage, Hospitals in chemotherapy, stem cell research, laboratory packing, Supermarkets for fresh fish, produce, delicatessen counters, Police forces for property bags, forensic evidence, drugs bags Fire brigades for chemical suit packing, electrical gloves, MOD for ammunitions amongst other applications, engineering firms to small business's producing spices, coffee, tea, dried fruit, potpourri, picture frames etc.

Constant Heat crimp sealers can be used on laminated material such a coffee pouches, confectionery, Tyvec bags. popcorn etc.




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