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IUL Instruments was established in 1987 with the goal to provide an easier, more comfortable, safe and reliable work environment for todays microbiologist, through designing and manufacturing quality instrumentation fit for purpose.

The strength of the company resides in bringing innovation into the field of classic microbiology. All of IUL Instruments designs contain an original and unique concept, which in most cases is patented worldwide. These concepts or ideas are used to solve either tedious or unsafe work routines, problems that could be solved by the use of automated equipment. IUL Instruments, unlike many of the other instrument manufacturers, has not selected a technique, but a client profile: the microbiology technician.

IUL Instruments designs and builds vast range of microbiology equipment, from electromechanical apparatus to a state of the art software for plate reading, including high precision instruments for the measure of volumes and weights.

IUL Instruments range includes:

Microbiology Sample Preparation

Sample Homogenisation

Plate Labeling


Spiral Plating

Serial Dilution

Colony Counting

Zone Reading

Slide Staining

Air Sampling

File TypeSize
IUL Zone Reader pdf1,643.10 KB
IUL Spiral Plater pdf6,590.99 KB
IUL Smart Dilutor pdf5,399.14 KB
IUL Slide Stainer pdf8,763.20 KB
IUL Masticator pdf2,289.37 KB
IUL Colony Counter pdf1,643.10 KB
IUL Bio Dilutor pdf2,059.84 KB
IUL Air Sampler pdf1,481.56 KB


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