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MAXX are your specialists for AUTOMATIC SAMPLERS for water, waste water and the monitoring of surface waters. MAXX samplers offer a wide range of products - from the smallest portable unit up to a container station. In high quality - with short delivery times and firstclass service.

Maxx Water Samplers include the following models : 

TP5 C: 
A portable compact device with integrated distributor and 24 bottles.

TP5 P: 
Portable sampler combined with passive or active Isobox and any collection

TP5 W: 
Wall unit, can be combined with any collection or refrigerator

SP5 B: 
The compact device in plastic casing, particularly suitable for high ambient temperatures.

SP5 S: 
Stainless steel unit with measuring attachment for up to four parameters, also available as a station.

SP5 A: Self-emptying sampler ideal for continuous operation with minimum staffing. Also available with measuring attachment

SP4 Zone 2: 
Stainless steel unit suitable for use in Ex zone 2 Class II 3G EEX nC / R / L IIB T3.

Stationary sampler in the open configuration or in a stainless steel cabinet.

View the complete range of Maxx products here!

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Maxx TP5 W pdf21.29 KB
Maxx TP5 P pdf22.44 KB
Maxx TP5 C pdf62.70 KB
Maxx SP5 S pdf34.19 KB
Maxx SP5 DK pdf23.07 KB
Maxx SP5 B pdf22.35 KB
Maxx SP5 A pdf35.20 KB
Maxx SP4 EX Zone 2 pdf22.07 KB

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