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The POLL Lab  company has been present since 2004. Since its beginnings, the company has been involved in the production of laboratory equipment and laboratory furniture. What distinguishes their products from others is the use of highest-quality materials, increased durability and chemical resistance as well as attractive design.


Q-Cell series incubators are modern laboratory devices designed for sample storing and bacteria incubation precisely defined temperature, while maintaining the highest requirements concerning its stability and homogeneity. Devices of 60 to 1400 litre capacity are available as well as multi-chamber versions.

Each Q-Cell incubator is equipped with a combined cooling and heating system with forced air circulation, enabling them to work in temperatures close to or lower than ambient temperature. Work safety is assured by the use of alarms, electronic and electro-mechanic cut-off systems, compliant with European standards and laboratory requirements.

The standard temperature range is +3°C to +40°C, with the possibility of extending to +50°C or +60°C. In INOX models temperature range is +3°C to +60°C and can be further extended up to +70°C (+80°C for some models).

The Basic version has a plastic interior (60-240 models) or aluminium one (300-up models), INOX versions of all the devices has got the interior made ​​of acid-proof, stainless steel. Most incubators are also available with external, glazed doors, which is marked by “+” beside the version name (e.g. Basic +).



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