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Rubber Fab Seals and Gaskets

Rubber Fab Technologies Group is a leading innovator of high quality hygienic seals, sanitary gaskets, hose assemblies, valve, pump and filler machine components in a wide range of high purity elastomer materials.

Rubber Fab offer a wide range of products including the following :

Rubber Fab’s TUF-FLEX® sanitary gasket is the world’s only unitized gasket, and is setting new standards for purity, performance and flexibility.

Tuf-Flex® is specifically designed to meet critical requirements in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, ultrapure water, WFI (water-for-injection).

High purity platinum cured silicone hygienic seals are the ideal choice for use in production facilities of fine pharmaceutical, biotechnology, high-purity water, injectables, food and beverage products.

Rubber Fab’s platinum cured silicone seals withstand temperature extremes, radiation, corona, moisture and steam.



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Lennox + RubberFab

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