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Safelab Fume Cupboards

Safelab specialise in the manufacture and installation of ducted and filtration fume cupboards which are designed to protect operators from hazardous substances.  All meet with the latest industry standards and can be used for a diverse range of applications; from education through to forensic science and industry.

The recently introduced Airone R and RS ranges of filtration fume cupboards, along with the Airone X single wall ducted fume cupboard has further confirmed Safelab Systems as the leader in its field.

With smart, efficient extruded aerofoils and high quality sliding sashes these units are undoubtedly of the highest quality available.

The Airone XP double wall ducted fume cupboard utilises the same extruded aerofoil concept giving flexibility in widths, services and liner materials.

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Airone R Range pdf105.63 KB
Airone X Polypropylene pdf118.93 KB
Airone FC750 pdf83.03 KB
Airone 1000RS pdf191.85 KB
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