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Ultrawave Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Over the past 20 years, Ultrawave's precision ultrasonic cleaning systems have been incorporated into manufacturing, processing, decontamination, servicing and maintenance programmes in different companies all over the world.

Ultrawave have invested heavily in all aspects of ultrasonic cleaning technology - from developing their own unique transducer bonding process to developing their own manufacturing and design software programmes.

Ultrawave's ultrasonic cleaners range in size from 0.5 litre benchtop baths to larger industrial ultrasonic cleaners and through to process validated healthcare products and multi-stage automatic handling systems tailored to indvidual customer requirements.

Accredited to ISO13485 and ISO9001, Ultrawave have developed unique capabilities and experience and are trusted suppliers to many different companies from a wide variety of sectors and industries.

Since the formation of Ultrwave in 1990, they have manufactured and sold over 50,000 ultrasonic cleaning systems to customers throughout the world. The Ultrawave team of sales, engineers, designers and production staff are able to interpret your demands and deliver excellent products to meet any cleaning and processing requirements.



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Lennox + Ultrawave

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