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Key features


Human pathogen kits

This segment includes kits for pathogenic bacteria, viruses, protozoa and parasites.

Food and water kits

qPCR is the fastest and most accurate way to screen water and food for pathogens. Prime Pro qPCR reagents also facilitate speciation and allergen detection. Labeling of genetically modified organisms is now mandatory in many regions, including the European Union. To guarantee consumer choice between GM and non-GM products, screening of samples is performed by PCR amplification of regulatory sequences frequently introduced into genetically modified organisms. Cauliflower mosaic virus is commonly used as a means of GM detection.

Veterinary and agriculture kits

Veterinary and agriculture kits are a fast growing part of the Prime Pro qPCR reagent range,
currently addressing many challenges in the environment.

Biothreat kits

qPCR is the best method for rapid detection of harmful biological agents such as ebola, anthrax and cholera.

Limit of detection

  1. o Sensitivity of the qPCR instrument used.
  2. o Serial dilution technique.


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