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When facing the unique requirements of the scientific, industrial and healthcare sectors, sometimes something more than an off-the-shelf solution is required. Bibby Scientific designs and manufacturers a diverse selection of bespoke equipment, with each instrument specifically tailored to meet the needs of individual customers. By using its own proven designs as a basis and adding alterations, Bibby can produce solutions which directly meet with customer specs, ensuring that they get the results they require in the most accurate and reliable way possible.

The company's expertise, particularly in the fields of temperature control, agitation, signal detection and imaging, means that each and every instrument is fine-tuned to ensure the best possible levels of performance. Temperature control, both below and above ambient to 0.1 of a degree, precise agitation and mixing to speeds over 2,000 rpm, and the incorporation of digital imaging are just a selection of the technologies that can be included.

Custom bespoke equipment

Along with in-house design, procurement and manufacturing expertise, Bibby has built core competencies in the following technology areas:

Precise Temperature control:

Many of our lab products involve very precise and accurate control of temperature, both below and above ambient to 0.1 of a degree. We have developed sophisticated control algorithms in our lab equipment to achieve even the most demanding temperature stringency in a wide variety of laboratory and industrial conditions.

Precise speed control:

Precise and consistent agitation and mixing within the laboratory to speeds of over 2,000rpm can be quite challenging. Continuous development of speed control modules allows accurate and reliable control allowing agitation and mixing of a huge range of vessel and sample types.

Signal detection:

The analysis stage of scientific endeavour requires lab equipment with ever more sophisticated signal detection and information processing to turn it into meaningful results. Our R & D teams have expertise in a wide range of both wide spectrum optical and electrochemistry based metrology.

Digital imaging:

Digital camera technology has the potential to enhance a number of traditional laboratory procedures and techniques. We have now successfully incorporated digital imaging into our lab products, optimising the image and providing the platform to store, use etc.

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