PCRmax Alpha Cyclers

With the option for either single, dual or four block instruments throughput and scale are never a concern. The Alpha Cycler 1, 2 and 4 run an HD Quad Core Android tablet interface with features aimed to enhance the user experience and build quality to become the workhorse of any lab.

The PCRmax Alpha cyclers are developed to deliver not only the best quality data you can expect from PCRmax but also to innovate and exceed the high standards expected by the community.

Easily create, modify and access programs, saving time.

These compact thermal cyclers deliver reproducible results every run—with little to no training needed. Features include a clear responsive touch screen, secure user-specific programming, adjustable heated lid, and active sample cooling for sharper amplification.

A Program Wizard generates a protocol specific to your sequence in seconds—a quick way to optimize new assays. Units also retain approximately 1000 reports for reviewing at a later date and run on an intuitive, HD Android™ tablet interface. Save your personal settings to your USB drive; sign in is as simple as inserting your USB drive, no password needed.

5 Product options available :

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