Colder Products Company (CPC), the leading provider of quick disconnect couplings and fittings for plastic tubing, announces the introduction of its LQ6 Series Connectors. Designed specifically for liquid cooling applications, LQ6 Series Couplings are the first of their kind, utilizing new patent-pending valve technology. These specialized couplings deliver reliability, security and ease-of-use to cooling applications where a drip-free connection is critical.

“The rugged and robust design of the new LQ6 Series makes it possible for the couplings to withstand long-term use with ultra-reliable protection from drips at disconnect,” says Dennis Downs, specialty industrial business unit manager for Colder Products Company. “Although the LQ6 can be connected and disconnected thousands of times, what really makes it different is its reliability in applications with long periods in the connected state.”

LQ6 Series couplings include non-spill shutoff valves that allow disconnection from the cooling line, even under pressure, with no spills or drips. The patent-pending valve design of the LQ6 provides redundant sealing when connected, providing added protection against leaks. With its intuitive, ergonomic thumb latch, the LQ6 provides users the “Colder Click” and confidence a reliable connection has been made. In addition, LQ6 color-coding of chrome with cool blue or warm red provides instant visual difference between cooling lines.

The LQ6 Series couplings are constructed from chrome-plated brass, polysulfone and stainless steel materials that ensure dependable strength and chemical compatibility for a wide range of applications. Designed specifically for cooling applications requiring multiple connect and disconnect cycles, LQ6 Series quick disconnect couplings are available in an assortment of configurations. LQ6 is ideal for liquid cooling applications that require quality and performance including electronics chip fabrication and test equipment, servers, PC/desktop gaming, data centers, laser cooling; and in medical devices that need to be cooled such as MRI systems, power systems, high-end medical machines. uses cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. By continuing to view our website without changing your cookie settings you will receive all cookies from our site.