Halo Smart

Laboratory air filtration system for Healthier, cleaner air in your laboratory.

A never-before seen solution for removing the noxious odors in your laboratory.

On the job 24/7

Halo is continuously pulling the dirty air in the lab through the filter, adsorbing the molecules that cause noxious odors, and returning clean air back to the room through low-disruptive side vents. The laboratory-grade molecular filtration system contains Neutrodine, a unique and powerful activated carbon mixture combined with a pre-filter that captures a large variety of airborne fumes and odors, which left untreated, could represent a potential health hazard.

Simple to install

Halo is easily installed in the ceiling - no need to connect to your HVAC. Multiple units can be installed to increase the coverage area.

Smart technology

A soft band of light assures the occupants of the lab that the air is clean. When the LED lights slowly pulse, Halo is letting you know that it is sensing and capturing fugitive emissions. You can easily check the status, change the setting, or check for routine maintenance via your smartphone, tablet or PC.

4 versions for to meet your specific needs.

Detects and filters volatile organic compounds.

Chemplus :
Detects and filters a wide array of pollutants.

Acids :
Detects and filters acids.

Formaldehyde :
Detects and filters Formaldehyde vapors.

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