Launched 2014, IKA is offering an additional benefit for its customers: The IKA Customizing Center. Special designs based on customers' specifications

The IKA range of laboratory equipment has always been developed and manufactured according to customer requirements. However, the laboratory world is highly diversified and end user needs are just as diverse as the fields of application for lab equipment.

Since February 1st, 2014, IKA offers the possibility of having IKA equipment modified to being a perfect match for use in a particular application. IKA specialists co-operate with you to design the optimum solution.


Specific modifications can be made to IKA overhead stirrers. For example software modifications, alterations to the tool holder or modifications to the housing.

Example : Eurostar 200 digital3992000-001_1.jpg

The unit is fitted with a special adapter ring for attachment to the IKA laboratory reactor LR-2.ST. The unit is designed without a chuck, and is instead supplied with a coupling for connection to the laboratory reactor.



IKA shakers can be modified in specific respects. Various requirements can be met through software modifications, adaptations to the vessel holder or alterations to the housing

Example : KS 260 basic


The printed circuit board has been insulated additionally with a protective lacquer for use in a damp atmosphere.

IKA magnetic stirrer can be adjusted in specific respects to suit your needs. For example software modifications can be made changes to the copy of the support rod or casing.

Example : Midi MR 1 digital


This special version of the Midi MR 1 digital meets IP 42 protection rating, due to the additional silicone seal on the housing.



IKA mills can be modified in specific respects. The material used for the milling chamber or the seals can be changed to meet your requirements.


Example : A 11 basic

The milling chamber and beater are made of titanium in order to prevent stainless steel wear particles contaminating the milling sample.

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