IUL Plate Handler - Robotic Colony Counter

Product Overview

Freeing labs from all the workload generated by colony counting is achieved when using the Plate Handler. This unit enables labs to enhance their productivity through full colony counting/inhibition halo measurement automation by processing up to 240 plates per hour. Food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and clinical labs can benefit alike from this walk-away solution.

Petri plate carrousels which contain 4 columns of 20 Petri plates are loaded into the Plate Handler. Carrousels are rotated in order to process each Petri plate column. Each column is carried towards the Petri plate elevator. Next, plates are individually fed to the Flash&Go colony counter for reading. Petri plates are identified according to column positions or barcode labels.

System Highlights

Full Automation: A one-push button operation enables to process every plate in an orderly fashion, freeing lab operators to devote their time to added value tasks.

User friendliness: Operating the unit is very simple. Changes in preprogrammed settings for colony counting or antibiotic inhibition zone measurements take a few seconds. Different colony counting procedures can be easily assigned to processed plates.

Productivity: The device can process 80 plates in 20 minutes implying a negligible hands-on time per processed Petri plate. The Plate Handler is a “must have” for labs that seek to increase their productivity by tackling critically labor-intensive procedures.

Application Scope

Yeast and bacterial colonies of any color can be counted in 90 mm plates when using the advanced colony counting software. Colony counting operations can be customised to count particularly colored colonies in differential or chromogenic media. The plate handler can also be used during antibiotic potency assays and antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) when using the inhibition zone upgrade.

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