Jenway® Launches New UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

Cole-Parmer Ltd announced today that Jenway®, a leading UK manufacturer of analytical laboratory instruments, has launched the new 7205 UV/Visible spectrophotometer. The 7205 has been designed for fast and easy use in analytical chemistry, routine analysis and education laboratories. With its broad wavelength range, it is suitable for a variety of applications in fields as diverse as quality control, life sciences and food testing.

This new spectrophotometer is the latest addition to Jenway's comprehensive range of spectrophotometers and encompasses all the robust features of the successful 7200 visible scanning spectrophotometer. The 7205 leverages a flash xenon lamp to extend the wavelength range, from a minimum of 335nm to 198nm, to include the UV area of the spectrum.

Similar to the 7200, the 7205 leverages scanning diode array technology, which uses electrical scanning to measure the entire wavelength range simultaneously, providing excellent wavelength reproducibility. The colour touchscreen user interface provides fast measurements directly from the instrument. All of this is encompassed into a lightweight instrument with a small footprint.

"The UV/visible model 7205 is a great addition to Jenway's product line, ensuring robust and reliable data analysis across an even wider range of customer applications," said Becky Underwood, Jenway Product Manager, Cole-Parmer Ltd

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