Ultrawave Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths

U Series Ultrasonic Baths

The U-Series ultrasonic baths are compact, effective and user friendly. With sizes ranging from 0.5 to 25 Litres in capacity, these compact ultrasonic baths are used in a diverse range of environments from medical and healthcare surgeries, laboratory’s and many more. The Cycle times can be set up to 15 minutes and both heated and unheated versions are available. Every U-Series ultrasonic bath is supplied complete with a basket and a lid, which can be used as a drip tray.

Q Series Ultrasonic Baths

Ultrawave’s Q-Series of Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths offer repeatable and traceable cleaning performance for a wide range of industries. This model incorporates Frequency Leap technology and a memory card data logger. Frequency Leap technology reduces dead spots and promotes homogenous cavitational activity within the tank. This provides a more consistent scrubbing action for highly effective cleaning results.
The Q-Series provide excellent ultrasonic activity with validated results for use in Scientific and laboratory, Veterinary Surgeries,Healthcare and many other industries. Available in sizes of 2.5-25 Litres, the Q-Series is operated by a digital control ensuring that precise and accurate cleaning requirements can be met. Supplied complete with a basket and a lid, which can be used as a drip tray.


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