The Gunjur School Project

The Gunjur School Project is a community initiative started by Paul and Brenda Kennelly. On a recent visit to The Gambia, West Africa.

This project has a single focus - Education. In The Gambia, education is a luxury, not a right. If parents can afford to pay for their children to go to school, they go to school. If they can't afford the luxury, their children do not go to school. While in The Gambia, Paul and Brenda visited some schools and returned to Ireland in the knowledge that they want to give something back to the Gambian community where they stayed. Their goal is to help equip and supply the Gunjur Upper Basic School with Science, IT and educational supplies. Paul and Brenda are now appealing to family, friends, neighbours, business associates and anyone willing to listen to help them achieve their goal of gathering these much needed supplies and shipping them to the School.

When Lennox Laboratory Supplies Ltd heard about this great project we knew straight away that we had to support Paul and Brenda in any way we could. We are in the process of gathering as much science laboratory equipment as possible to ship over to The Gambia. Lennox Laboratory Supplies knows that this equipment will go a long way in helping children who otherwise will not have the opportunity to learn and grow like so many other children in the world do.

Paul and Brenda need as much support as they can get so we here at Lennox Laboratory Supplies urge you to take a look at The Gunjur School Project website to see if there is any way you can help such a great cause.



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