The Lovibond® PFXi-880/F is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to measure colour only according to the Lovibond® RYBN Colour Scale. The latest model in the extremely successful PFXi range focusses only on this specific scale.

In the 1890's, Joseph Lovibond, the founder of The Tintometer Ltd, developed the original Lovibond® Scale, based on a calibrated series of red, yellow, blue and neutral glasses.

After more than a century, The Tintometer Ltd still manufactures and grades the glass filters used for visual colour measurement in terms of Lovibond® units. It is this unparalleled knowledge and experience that are embodied into the Lovibond® PFXi-880/F.

The fundamental difference between the PFXi and the Lovibond® Model F is that the Model F is based on subjective, visual comparison methods (relying to a high degree on the judgment and skill of the operator and hence their perspective, feelings, beliefs and desires). The PFXi, however, relies on automatic, non-subjective measurements, completely unaffected by the judgment of the operator).



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