As a flagship instrument, B-800 originates from customers most demanding feedbacks and needs. Its modularity and versatility will allow you to find the perfect place for its use in any clinical or basic research laboratory. All controls are easily accessible and comfortable and is perfect for extended periods of observation.
The highest category of optical equipment among Optikas product range guarantees a sharp and clear view in any situation, while top level mechanical design offers sturdiness and long lifetime.

B-800 is built on IOS Infinity Corrected optical system, which gives you both top-notch optical performances, and the possibility to extend your instrument with the broad range of accessories and modules. X-LED illumination is the best solution to have pure white light, very intense even at higher magnification, and optimum power efficiency given by solid state source.

Solid Stand – Extra Stability.

Completely new design and a die-cast aluminium stand offer solidity and durability, even for the most demanding laboratory use.
This new microscope can seamlessly be upgraded with many attachments that extend its field of use.


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