Cyto Rotor: New and only from Hettich

Reliable protection against infectious aerosols.

Cytologists have been waiting for it for a long time, and now it‘s finally here: the Cyto Rotor that can be sealed against biological hazards. The new Hettich Cyto Rotor 1515-A is the first to have certified biocontainment*. This means maximum safety and optimum protection against infectious samples in centrifuging.

Good reasons to choose Hettich products :

Largest selection of CYTO accessories :

Hettich has a bigger line of cytology accessories than any other manufacturer. All of the common methods for the production of cyto preparations can now be carried out in Hettich laboratory centrifuges.

Substantial cost savings :

Cytology laboratories that have used alternative products to date (such as Shandon® centrifuges) can now use just a single Hettich centrifuge. There is no need to acquire a centrifuge solely for cytology purposes. Users who are already Hettich customers can use the new rotors in their existing ROTOFIX 32 A and UNIVERSAL 320 models or their predecessors.

Maximum flexibility :

The 12-place cyto are easy to insert and remove without the need for any tools.


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