HD 30.1 Spectroradiometer-datalogger

The HD30.1 is an instrument made by Delta Ohm for the spectral analysis of light in the visible range and ultraviolet. The instrument has been designed by combining the maximum fl exibility of use, cost reduction and ease of use.

It consists of two elements connected together by a cable: the data logger-indicator HD30.1  and the measurement sensors HD30.S1 (spectral range between 380nm-780nm) and HD30.S2 (field spectrum between 220nm-400nm).

The datalogger-indicator HD30.1, based on the Linux operating system, makes processing and data management. It has a large touch screen color display, which allows for an easy implementation of the measures, as well as their display and storage. The spectra and the derived parameters can be saved both in the internal memory (150MB) and in the external memory (micro-SD card or USB key).

The export format is compatible with the most common programs for the analysis and processing of data. In addition to the data backup, the software allows to save images of the graphs.
The main quantities of photo-radiometric interest are calculated directly from the HD30.1 by the supplied software.

The analyzed spectral range varies depending on the sensor used to measure: Visible spectral region (380nm-780nm) by means of the sensor HD30.S1, Ultraviolet spectral region (220nm-400nm) by means of the sensor HD30.S2. The measuring sensors are interchangeable and calibrated (the calibration file is stored within each probe)


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