Eurostar 20 High Speed Control Overhead Stirrer

Equipped with pioneering technology and boasting a new functional design, the Eurostar 20 high speed control overhead stirrer is suitable for use in challenging applications involving volumes of up to 20 liters (H2O).

A key benefit of this overhead stirrer is the quietness and smoothness with which it operates. The speed range can be infinitely adjusted from 0/150 to 6000 revolutions per minute. The control system is controlled via a microprocessor to keep the speed constant, while the torque trend display provides information about changes in viscosity within the sample. The precision stirrer shaft supplied with the stirrer is 280 mm long with a maximum insertion depth of 220 mm.

When developing the new model, the team placed particular emphasis on ease of use and safety, for example giving the device a clear, multi-lingual TFT display. The RS 232 and USB interfaces that can be used to control the overhead stirrer are further hallmarks of this approach. These connections can also be used to document parameters and up-date the firmware.

The overhead stirrer is easy to control and configure using the remova-ble control panel, which connects to the device via Bluetooth. This set-up makes it easier to work under a fume hood, for example. A quick-stop function and a locking function also help protect against injuries.

Thanks to its compact design, the device can easily be integrated into existing laboratory setups without taking up a large amount of space.

The overhead stirrer can be operated in intervals for the most challeng-ing applications and for even better mixing results. The integrated tem-perature measurement function and a timer function ensure that pro-cesses in the medium can be fully tracked.

The Eurostar high speed control meets the requirements of the DIN EN IEC 61010-1 and DIN EN IEC 61010-2051 standards. These standards surpass CE requirements and also meet international safety guidelines.

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