Designed by you to meet the demands of your upstream and downstream bioprocess operations.

The latest development from Lennox BioProcessing in the provision of disposable single-use assemblies and complimentary bio-processing components.

NEXUS® Objective

NEXUS® 3 Step Process


  1. NEXUS® Design In partnership with your engineers, a Lennox BioProcessing specialist will create a single-use system designed to meet your specific requirements. A unique technical drawing incorporating relevant bills of material and supporting documentation completes the design phase.
  2. NEXUS® Prototype From your unique drawing a rapid prototyping process is initiated to produce working samples for immediate evaluation and functionality testing.
  3. NEXUS® Assembly and Packaging The disposable system will be assembled, labelled and packaged in a controlled environment according to cGMP protocols. Additional labelling for gamma sterilisation will be applied as required.

For more information on NEXUS® please visit our dedicated Lennox Bioprocessing website!

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