PYREX® Media-lab Bottles

SciLabware Pyrex® media-lab bottles have been a trusted favourite in laboratories for over 25 years. Now SciLabware are expanding their range and it’s big news.

A new range of wide mouth media-lab bottles are now available to order. Manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate glass for maximum chemical and thermal resistance, each bottle features a GLS 80® screwthread with a wide internal neck diameter – aiding filling and pouring of powders and viscous liquids.

Each bottle is printed with a ‘Trace code’ making each bottle retraceable to a specific production batch. 

Wide neck media-lab bottles are available either with or without a polypropylene screwcap and pouring ring. Spare screwcaps and pouring rings are also available.

Features :

If you require further information please contact a member of our sales team who will be happy to assist you.

Tel : 01 4552201

Email : customerservice(at)


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