New OPTi refractometer software features provide good measurement in brightly lit environments.

Bellingham + Stanley's OPTi refractometers are continuously evolving. Designed specifically for an excellent on-the-spot concentration measurement that is automatically corrected for temperature to produce highly reliable results. Bellingham + Stanley's latest addition to the software features High Ambient Light protection software that now monitors extraneous light, warning the operator of any detrimental effects that bright sunlight or floodlighting in cellars for example may have on the reading. Also new, the unique “AG Test Mode” that allows the use of long-life non sucrose based certified reference materials to check calibration as well as touch-of-a-button temperature display in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The Bellingham + Stanley OPTi range of application specific instruments cater for a range of uses. Whether it is grapes or apples being tested in the field to ascertain the optimum ripeness for harvest, dilution testing of automotive or industrial heat pump systems, analysis of salt solutions in aquaculture or aquaria, body-fluid testing by veterinarians, or sportspersons looking to enhance their performance by ensuring optimum hydration - OPTi provides a solution for all solution analysis.

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