Since its acquisition by Tintometer GmbH in 2006, Orbeco-Hellige has been a member of the Tintometer® Group. Although they have both been offering the same products, Tintometer has been selling them under the Lovibond® brand and Orbeco-Hellige, Inc. under the Orbeco-Hellige brand.

In order to simplify and increase efficiency, Tintometer will be deemphasizing the Orbeco-Hellige name and brand in favour of one consolidated, world-wide corporate identity centered around the Lovibond® brand. By focusing on one brand, Tintometer will be able to better serve all of their customers on a global basis.

Over the next several months, Orbeco-Hellige will be transitioning over to selling products solely under the Lovibond® brand. This new branding and trade name will not change the way Tintometer operate — they will continue to offer you the exact same products, at competitive prices, with excellent sales and post-sales support.

Tintometer Sales and Marketing teams are working to make this transition as easy as possible with minimal business impact. 


Tintometer Inc. was founded by Joseph Williams Lovibond. While working in his family’s brewery, he discovered that coloration was a good index for assessing beer quality and set out to find a way to gage colour.

After several failed experiments with paint on solids, a visit to Salisbury Cathedral in 1880 gave him the inspiration to use stained glass for his colorimeter, which he introduced in 1885. The Lovibond® logo is representative of the red, yellow, blue and neutral color measurement system.

A lot has changed since then with the exception of Lovibond’s commitment to innovation. Lovibond® has been and continues to be the forefront of technical innovation for the colour measurement of liquids and solids and water analysis instrumentation. uses cookies to provide you with the best experience on our website. By continuing to view our website without changing your cookie settings you will receive all cookies from our site.