Pharmaceuticals USP Quality Control Edition

Pharmaceutical Test Solutions :

We supply a range of ready to use solutions prepared according to Pharmacopoeia guidelines. All of which are supplied with a Certificate of Analysis, MSD’s and labelled with a clear expiry date.

USP Reference Standards

USP reference standards are highly purified substances that are provided specifically for use in the official test methods of the United States Pharmacopoeia and National Formulary.
When used as part of the relevant official monograph they provide the means to verify the compliance of a material with USP-NF standards for identity, concentration, quality and purity.

USP Certified Glassware

Companies that manufacture pharmaceutical products for the American market and others are audited by US Authorities such as the Food and Drug Administration and are obligated to meet the requirements of USP drug standards. These standards are used in more than 140 countries.
BLAUBRAND ® USP Volumetric Instruments comply with the Class A error limits required by the United States Pharmacopoeia. Supplied with a USP batch certificate or an individual certificate can also be requested. AQL ≤ 0.4, i.e. the error limits are met with a reliability of at least 99.6%.
Duran® Pure Media Bottles and Duran® Caps meet the requirements laid down in the international pharmacopoeias (Includes USP, Ph.Eur, JP and ASTM) which offer full protection for sensitive and valuable pharmaceutical products. Full range of documents and certificates are available to download

USP Measuring Instruments



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