Purified water plays a vital role in the final rinse of a number of components from engine parts to electronic circuit boards and supply for corrosion/environmental test chambers.
Deionised water works by removing contaminants and dissolved minerals, to provide clean, pure water which when used as a final rinse leaves no traces on the component parts or boards. Purite have supplied a number of purification solutions such as Elite Plus RO plant, RO / EDI plant, Deioniser Cylinders and Select / Integra cabinet systems.

Formula One is just one of a number of exciting applications where Purite have installed their water purification solutions including laboratories, hospitals and manufacturing operations. “This is something that we are extremely proud to be a part of. Akin to the sport itself the teams have come to us looking for cutting edge solutions to help enhance their own mechanical performance, every second counts,” said Steve Mines, Sales Manager at Purite.


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