RFM300-M Series Peltier Refractometers for Harsh Environments.

In 2017 Bellingham + Stanley proudly presents the RFM300-M Series refractometers for industrial applications. The RFM300-M brings our popular RFM300+ refractometer up-to-date with a line of high precision Peltier temperature controlled benchtop refractometers. Featuring wide beam optics and a durable membrane touch-button interface with 4” high resolution display, the RFM300-M Series is ideally suited for use in demanding applications within the food, beverage, chemical and general industry.

The RFM300-M comes equipped with a Methods system enabling simple operation by any user no matter what skill level; particularly for applications where the reading is required to be offset so that results equal an alternative measurement type (e.g. oven dried, density) or where a correction is applied such as for citric acid in orange juice.

Like the newly released (2016) RFM-T touchscreen models; USB/LAN connectivity, RFID user clearance and software that supports operation with environments operating in accordance with FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11 are now standard features of the RFM300-M that replaces the world leading RFM300+ Series.

RFM300-M Features :

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