Pyrex® Class A mixing cylinders

Manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate glass for assured chemical resistance, Class A mixing cylinders comply with ISO 4788 requirements for graduated cylinders. Conformity certified and produced to the highest standards of accuracy under strict statistical quality control.Class A mixing cylinders are available individually certified and also batch certified.

Works Certified

Pyrex Class A Works Certified cylinders are individually calibrated and supplied complete with an individual calibration certificate.

Batch Certified

All Pyrex® Class A mixing cylinders are printed with a four digit batch number that can be used to generate a batch certificate from the SciLabware website.

Quick release clamp

A new one-piece quick release clamp is now available for SVL® reaction vessels from SciLabware
Manufactured from stainless steel, this one-piece clamp is now the most convenient product for securing SVL® reaction vessels and lids together.

The clamp can be secured and removed in a single movement with an adjustable locking tab.
Within the collar of the clamp, the flanges of the reaction vessel and lid are pressed together and then secured when clamped. This product replaces the more complicated clamping system for reaction vessels and lids; 296-91 which had 22 components.

I hope you will agree that the quick release clamps will be a welcome addition to the range with its benefits and convenience to the customer.

Please contact a member of our sales team for more information.

Tel : 01 4552201

Email : customerservice(at)


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