An expertly designed, compact universal meter for use across a wide range of applications. More than just a pH meter, it can also measure ORP, ION concentration and conductivity, dependant on the specific unit. The units vary based on their parameter, as displayed in the table below;

Unit        Application
S210       PH bench meter
S220       PH/ION bench meter
S230       Conductivity meter
S213       Duo™ Conductivity and PH meter

Note: The above units come in varying packages. Each package is different depending on the application and varies in package contents.


General specification

The SevenCompact™ and SevenCompact™ Duo boast a single keypress initiation for measurement and calibration, operating menu in ten localised languages and simple interface, with a 4.3-inch high-resolution display to make data identifiable at a glance. This coupled with the relevant InLab® sensor allows all round efficiency and productivity from the outset.
The standard pack for each model includes:

Compatible InLab® sensors


SevenCompact™ Accessories


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