Vertical Electrophoresis Products 

OmniPage Vertical Electrophoresis Systems

Cleaver Scientific provides a comprehensive range of OmniPage vertical systems for all your protein electrophoresis needs. The most popular size format is the OmniPage Mini for 10 x 10 cm gels. Each OmniPage mini may be supplied with a full range of cones, glass plates and accessories to cast and run up to four mini gels.

Colour coded cones and spaces allow the user to select their gel thickness and sample throughput. (A Full Range Of Accessories). Unlike other manufacturer systems, the page insert may be used for both gel casting and gel running. This eliminates time consuming transfer of fragile gels between separate casting and running modules and allows for rapid set-up.

The unique sliding clamp technology of the page insert ensures simple rapid leak-free gel casting. The ultra soft moulded silicon mat acts in tandem with glass plates and bonded spaces to provide a leak free seal. Cleaver Scientific systems allow for simple gel pouring and comb insertion with essay loading. Once cast, the page insert containing the gels maybe transferred directly to the tank for sample loading which is quick and easy using reversible loading indicators. You then simply replace the laid and connect to the power supply.

Interchangeable modular inserts for isoelectric focusing and electro blotting allow the user to switch quickly and easily from one electrophoresis technique to another.




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