A completely new design aspiration handset VHCpro replaces the previous model VHC. Vacuubrands focus for this development has primarily been "Safety and versatility", e. g. the new VHCpro is now completely autoclavable. The new VHCpro now includes more accessories with new optional extras to support many standard routines in cell culture laboratories.

Since September the BVC fluid aspiration systems have already been shipped with the new handset.

The range of accessories for the new handset and also the new BVC shuttle that allows users to more easily move the BVC control and professional are detailed below:


The VHCpro is an ergonomic light weight suction handset, fully autoclavable at 121 °C. It is ready for use with 2.5 m unbroken and very flexible silicon tube, adapters for graduated, aspiration and pasteur pipettes, adapter for pipette tips, a wall holder for standby-position (keeps the table top free) and clips with adhesive surface to guide the suction tube into the biosafety cabinet neatly. The mechanism of the VHCpro handset is not in contact with contaminated fluids and assures safe, leak free working. (688061)

Table stand VHCpro

The stainless steel stand for the VHCpro enables to place the tipped suction handset conveniently and stable during work with cell cultures. It is autoclavable and comes with slip-resistant feet. The stand supports to place the VHCpro also with long, e. g. graduated pipettes, without touching the working surface. (635680)

Adapter for pipette tips with tip ejector

This adapter is designed for pipette tips 2 - 200 µl and enables to manually remove the used pipette tip. (635638)

BVC shuttle

The BVC shuttle is a mobile underframe for all models BVC control and BVC professional. It serves to pull out the BVC easily from under the safety cabinet for cleaning and removal of bottle for change. (696880)



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