CVC 3000 detect

The CVC 3000 detect as bench-top device is a ready to use two-set-point vacuum controller, it is also available as design for attaching to a lab scaffold. It consists of the electronic vacuum controller CVC 3000 with integrated ceramic diaphragm vacuum sensor and vent valve that forms together with a non-return valve and the chemically resistant solenoid valve a very compact easy to install unit for vacuum control. For available vacuum sources such as oil-free vacuum pumps that you already own and efficient vacuum network supplies, the electronic control increases the process efficiency and decisively elevates the solvent recovery. The environment is protected, service intervals of the vacuum pump are extended and the efficiency is elevated. With its adjustable sensitivity the boiling point recognition “detect” does approach and detect independently the boiling pressure and therewith facilitates the work with solvent evaporations. Due to the programmability also complex applications can be ran automatically and reproducible. The operating concept with its clearly arranged graphical display with clear text menus and the jog wheel control is particularly beneficial.

Performance features


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