Jupiter: Class I BSC

Manufacturer Ref: Labogene

Jupiter Class 1 - Vertical flow clean air cabinets

  • Jupiter Class 1 are a series of vertical flow clean air cabinets, which incorporate the latest laminator technology and energy-saving designs.
  • The wide range of different models and options all provide optimal performance and protection for both the operator and environment.

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How does it work?

The Jupiter series are Class 1 safety cabinets and thus provide operator and environment protection for the safe handling when working with chemicals and powders.
The air enters the cabinet via the front aperture passing through a built-in exhaust fan, HEPA and/or Carbon filter, thus providing operator and environmental protection. The air then exits the cabinet at the rear of the work surface. The escape of any airborne particulates generated within the cabinet are therefore controlled by means of the inward airflow through the front aperture and by filtration/absorption of the exhausted air. Unlike conventional fume hoods, the HEPA filter in the cabinet protects the environment by filtering the air before it is exhausted.
The cabinet is not appropriate for handling research materials that are vulnerable to airborne contamination, since the inward flow of unfiltered air from the laboratory can carry microbial contaminants into the cabinet. In these circumstances a Microbiology Safety Cabinet Class II is more applicable.
Jupiter is instead suitable for extraction of high levels of organic compounds, airborne particles, powders and salts.


Available in four different working area sizes

  • Widths 900 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm or 1800 mm 

It is possible to have the cabinet recirculated or ducted and it can also be manufactured with a Carbon filter for protection against solvent or pungent vapours. Thereby providing you with the choice of the preferred configuration for optimal operator and environmental protection for your specific applications.

If you require a Safety Data Sheet for any products purchased from Lennox please contact us at customerservice@lennox.ie. If possible, please include the name and code of the items.

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