Airone XP3 Double Walled Ducted Fume Cupboard


The  Airone XP3 is a high specification double walled fume cupboard; services are located on the internal walls, leaving the entire working area available for use

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Build quality is of the highest standard, with extruded aluminium aerofoils, a stainless steel sill and a counter-weighted smooth action laminated glass sash.

It is available with either a VAV (Variable Air Volume) or air bypass system

The VAV model automatically minimises the amount of indoor (conditioned) air being pulled through the fume cupboard and expelled outside as the sash is raised and lowered, whilst maintaining full operator protection. The reduction in heating or air conditioning required by the building yields substantial energy savings.

In the air bypass model a constant volume of air is pulled through the Airone XP3 under all operating conditions.

A special low flow configuration of the Airone XP3 maintains operator protection at reduced face velocities down to 0.3m/s, helping to fulfil the low energy requirements of BREEAM accredited new buildings.

The Airone XP3 fume cupboard is available in a choice of sizes and can be bench mounted, free standing or supplied as a walk-in unit.  An extensive list of options allows services and materials to be tailored to each customer’s individual needs.


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