Datum Reactomate system, Asynt

  • This lab reactor is compact and durable & user-friendly.
  • Safe and simple to set up, it is suitable for vessels up to 5,000 mL.
  • The ReactoMate DATUM support allows you to replace multiple reactor setups with one versatile and reliable system

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Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the numerous innovative features of the ReactoMate DATUM support make it the ideal addition to your laboratory. Suitable for vessels from 100 mL to 5,000 mL, this support allows you to replace multiple process chemistry reactor setups with one versatile and reliable system.

Changing a jacketed vessel is as simple as “Clip & Click”: the novel neck clamp is designed to allow fast changeover between reactor vessel sizes thereby enabling simple synthesis scale up in both research and process laboratories. The ingenious mounting mechanism ensures excellent stability and alignment every time, and is easily set up for left or right handed use.

With a wide range of accessories and upgrades available, including quick-release couplings and drain manifolds, the ReactoMate DATUM support really is the perfect all-rounder for laboratory scale reactions.


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