Universal Narrownecked Glassware Washing Carrier With Drying System Connection

Manufacturer Ref: SMEG

Stainless-Steel Carrier For Washing And Drying Narrow-Necked Glassware Up To 490 Mm In Height, Flasks, Round-Bottom Flasks And Graduated Cylinders Of Various Sizes. Positioned On The Lower Level.

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  • Suitable for washing and drying of narrow neck glassware up to 490 mm in height

  • Equipped with the following nozzles: 5 x U6260 (260 mm), 5 x U6240 (240 mm), 5 x U6220 (220 mm), 5 x U4180 (180 mm), 5 x U4160 (160 mm), 5 x U4140 (140 mm), 5 x U3110 (110 mm), 5 x U390 (90 mm), 1 x UC6 (curved)

  • Positioned on the lower level

  • Stainless Steel

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