Airone R Filtration Fume Cupboard

Manufacturer Ref: Safelab

Airone R is a high specification filtration fume cupboard with laminated glass sides, incorporating replaceable activated carbon and/or HEPA filters to suit your application

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The new Airone R range of Filtration Fume Cupboards have been designed to comply to BS7989:2001 for Filtration Fume Cupboards.

It provides protection to the operator against hazardous substances, whilst being environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Each unit incorporates a VAV system which ensures the inflow is constant at variable sash heights. A counterweighted sliding front sash and clear laminated glass sides provide good access and visibility.

Available in 4 standard widths, the units can be freestanding or bench mounted. A variety of standard
options are available.

Build quality is of the highest standard, with extruded aluminium aerofoils, a stainless steel sill and a counter-weighted smooth action laminated glass sash.

An integrated variable air volume (VAV) system ensures the required inward air flow for operator protection remains constant at all working sash heights. The fume cupboard incorporates a low air flow alarm for complete safety.

Since there is no requirement for ducting or make up air systems, installation of the  Airone R fume cupboard is more straightforward and less costly than a ducted unit.  The Airone R is also exceptionally energy efficient, since it does not expel heated indoor air to the outside.  

The Airone R fume cupboard is available in a choice of sizes and can be bench mounted, free standing or supplied as a walk-in unit.  An extensive list of options allows services and materials to be tailored to each customer’s individual needs.

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